Timber Flooring, Installation, Sanding, & Polishing

Timber Flooring.
Installation, Sanding, & Polishing!

Higher Ground Floors are able to supply all major species of Australian hardwood floorings including environmentally friendly FSC certified timber.

Polished Concrete, Grinding, Polishing & Sealing

Polished Concrete.
Grinding, Polishing & Sealing!

Modern and stylish finish that imbues industrial connotations, hard wearing, can be re-polished, easy to clean, low maintenance and a long living floor.

Epoxy Floor Coatings, Superior Adhesion & Durability

Epoxy Floor Coatings.
Superior Adhesion & Durability!

Higher Ground Floors uses the latest Polyurea and Polyaspartic floor coating technologies from ADVACOAT® Australia, providing excellent adhesion to concrete and superior durability.

ADVACOAT, Superior Floor Coatings

Superior Floor Coatings!

Based on a revolutionary formula, ADVACOAT® polyaspartic polyurea concrete coating systems for result in better looks, brilliant performance and total customer satisfaction.

Residential Flooring Expert Advice & Superior Results

Residential Flooring.
Expert Advice & Superior Results!

Over two decades providing beautifully finished timber floors, polished concrete and residential flooring for both interiors and exteriors.

Industrial Warehouses, Processing Plants & Factories

Warehouses, Processing Plants & Factories!

Polished concrete and epoxy coatings, large scale industrial sites, 'cut & seal', non-slip surfaces, hard wearing, low maintenance.

Retail & Commercial, Cafes, Restaurants & Showrooms

Retail & Commercial. Cafes, Restaurants & Showrooms!

High impact, polished concrete, showrooms, commercial kitchen, food preparation area, moisture resistant, hard wearing and high impact flooring solutions.

Higher Ground Floors specialise in residential, commercial & industrial flooring products and services for solid timber, polished concrete and epoxy coated floors.
To organise a free quote or expert advice regarding flooring to suit your requirements and budget, call Nathan at Higher Ground Floors on 0412 520 977.

Polished Concrete

Higher Ground Floors have been providing polished concrete services for over two decades, including all aspects of grinding, polishing and sealing. Polished concrete is essentially the result of progressively grounding concrete with a range of tools and techniques, before adding chemical agents that protect the concrete against impact, damage and moisture.

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Higher Ground Floors are a leading suppliers of residential, commercial and industrial flooring products and services. From the supply, installation and sanding of timber flooring, expert advice, a professional range of polishes and stains, to modern and industrial polished concrete and polyaspartic 'epoxy' coatings.

Nathan and his team have extensive experience in the flooring industry, servicing the Southern Highlands, Macarthur, greater Sydney, Illawarra and South Coast. We offer an extensive range of products and services, from the supply, installation, sanding and coating of timber flooring, polished or stained to suit design considerations, to modern industrial polished concrete and related services, and a professional range of epoxy coating finishes.

At Higher Ground Floors, we are committed to providing our clients with the best quality flooring and professional services. This commitment underscores everything we do at Higher Ground Floors.

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Tips & Suggestions

Hardwood timber floors imbue a warm and worldly charm to any new, renovated or existing home, providing a hard wearing and durable flooring, ideal for bedrooms, living areas and high traffic zones. They're versatile, as they can be installed as new or laid over an existing or sub floor and can be sanded and refinished many times without needing to be relayed. Polished concrete adds modern and stylised finish to any living area whilst also being a long lasting and low maintenance floor. Being hard wearing, easy to clean and non porous, they're particularly suitable for kitchens, interior and exterior living areas, bathrooms and garages.
Polished concrete is low-maintenance, durable, stain resistant and easier to clean, meaning less dust mites, bacteria and airborne allergens typically associated with carpets and to a lesser extent floor boards. Polished concrete is also less prone to moisture related problems, such as mould and unpleasant odours. Polished concrete flooring is hard wearing and will not chip or dent like softer surfaces. Epoxy Coatings are anti-microbial and seamless so they're easy to clean and maintain, ideal for restaurants or food preparation areas. Coatings can be applied in a slip resistant application for safer work environments, specific work areas can be colour coded for any purpose and the product will not dust or chalk.
Cut and Seal is a pared-back and cost effective polished concrete flooring that presents with all the same characteristics but without the additional processes, refinements and costs associated with the more premium and high-gloss surface finishes. Due to the additional 'grit' preserved in the grinding process, 'cut, seal and polish' is particularly suitable where a non-slip or matt finish is desirable. Typically the floor is ground twice or three times, depending upon how much stone and aggregate needs to be exposed. The floors is then grouted, filling in any holes or cracks before two coats of sealer are applied, providing the final lustre in the surface finish.